Newsboat + Bitchute + mpv + youtube-dl

$0: Why?

First of all RSS is still qualifies as a great technology. Even though RSS faded to obscurity in the past 8 years or so it is still very useful. RSS was and will be an integral part to the internet same as HTTP, e-mail and IRC is.

In the age when information streams are controlled by few major corporations it important not to forget that we are responsible for what we are consuming. This is why RSS is great with it you can aggregate information form whole variety of sources: Youtube, Twitter, Blogs and even those old crusty image boards that "Taiwanese Fishermen" are using to cause political chaos in across the globe.

I recently began using Newsboat RSS client and I fell in love with it. I loved it so much that I even added my favorite Youtube channels as RSS feed. There are tons of information on how you can watch any Youtube video using youtube-dl on a mpv media player, but I wanted to go one step further I wanted to be able to watch Bitchute videos (that I subscribed via RSS) straight from my Newsboat client.

Here is how I have done it


Let's Begin!

First Add this function to end of your .bashrc or .zshrc file:


PAGE=$(curl -s $1)
url="$(echo \"$PAGE\" | grep -Eoi '<source [^>]+>' | grep -Eo 'src="[^\"]+"' | grep -Eo '(http|https)://[^"]+')"
# url="$(curl -s $1 | grep -Eoi '<source [^>]+>' | grep -Eo 'src="[^\"]+"' | grep -Eo '(http|https)://[^"]+')"
TITLE=$(echo \"$PAGE\" | grep -oEi "<title>(.*)</title>" | cut -d '>' -f2 | cut -d '<' -f1)

mpv --ontop=yes --title="$TITLE" --snap-window --autofit-larger='25%' --geometry='-10-10' --speed 1.75 $url &

Let's explain some parameters of the command above:

--ontop=yes : this will always display the video window on top. I did this because I wanted something similar to "Picture In Picture" feature found on OSX computers.

--title=$TITLE : it is the title of the mpv window duhhhh.

--snap-window : this is optional, but it helps when you are moving the window around the screen, because it snaps it to the 4 corners of the screen.

--autofit-larger='25%' : resizes the window to 25% (based on what is bigger width or height)

--geometry='-10-10' : Displays the mpv player window to the BOTTOM RIGHT corner and makes sure that there is a 10px margin.

--speed 1.75 : Pushes your brain to the limit, because playback now is 1.75x faster! Feel

Open a new terminal window, and paste code below:


If all went well video should of started playing.

I bet you are not used to watching videos at 1.75x of their original speed but trust me after some time you get used to it. It saves you time ;P


$2: Configure Newsboat

# only for OSX
browser open

# only for Debian
browser nautilus

# only for bash users
macro b set browser "source $HOME/.bashrc && btpl "; open-in-browser ; set browser open

# only for zsh users
macro b set browser "source $HOME/.zshrc && btpl "; open-in-browser ; set browser open

browser open : This line is not talking about your web browser, but rather the browser of your OS. On OSX system browser is open it handles many things: opens files, handles various URLs, decides which program should open which file. Linux Arch users will probably use linkhandler, for Debian'istas it will be nautilus and Linux Mints should use nemo instead of open

macro b set browser [...] : sets a macro on key press "b". Now every time you press ",b" characters while in Newsboat. Hotkey for starting macros is always "," read more about macros here For more info about Newsboat config you can go here

Add a Bitchute RSS test URL. "news"

Start Newsboat:



Last Words

That is it you should be able to watch any Bitchute video on your mpv player straight from Newsboat RSS feed. That is pretty cool and proved to be quite useful. I love the fact that mpv is highly customizeable and I can mimic the picture-in-picture I really wanted.

return 0