Using Jython for Quick Java Protyping

If you are tired of compiling Java classes when prototyping, or you are using poorly documented java libraries, this tutorial is for you. Java runtime can be complimented with Python/Jython scripting. Jython allows you to call java classes and run... More

Run Jython Standalone Jar On Windows

This tutorial will show you how you can run jython-standalone.2.7.2.jar on a Windows machine. Using Jython standalone, you will be able to execute Python scripts, or use Python REPL. Pip install for Jython is not covered.Prerequisites: Basic knowlege... More

Python Generator Basics

This is a illustrative example code, which tries to demonstrate how generators and yield statements are related in python. print("# `yield` a fancy way of pausing execution of a function.\n") print("# Let's begin with a complex example\n") def... More

Vilnius Living Districts (for expats)

Even if I am Lithuanian, I was an expat to the city of Vilnius myself. Compared to where I was living, this city felt enormous and much different. Additionally, I had experience living in Copenhagen, so I know how hard it can be sometimes so choose a... More

Fixing Let's Encrypt Certbot prerequisite issues

I ran into an issue today when I could not install certbot-auto on a Linux machine running CentOS 6.10. As it turns out that you need to enable EPEL package repository with yum package manager. The error I got during cert bot installation(prior to... More

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