Dovydas Gulbinas

Lithuania, Vilnius ▪


Back-end EngineerAuriga Baltics (July 2020 — present):

Worked on two different projects inside the company, medical equipment and Fintech:

Back-end DeveloperRisika A/S (Sep 2019 – July 2020, Copenhagen):

Worked in a fintech startup specializing in large quantities of business data. Helped out with streamlining some essential parts of data pipeline and deployment:

Back-end DeveloperMoment Credit (Apr 2017 – Sep 2019):

Made and deployed multiple applications using (Django/Django Rest frameworks, Unit Test, Oracle SQL). My notable contributions were:

Odoo Framework ERP DeveloperDigitouch (Oct 2016 – Apr 2017, Vilnius):

Wrote custom Enterprise Resource Planning ERP modules used for accounting. Most impactful project:

Back-end DeveloperIT Girnos (Apr 2016 – Oct 2016, Vilnius):

Wrote and designed multiple API endpoints (Flask). Had a few front-end related tasks (Angular JS). Utmost project:

Hardware Tooling Suite EngineerWiliBox(temp position) (Sep 2015 – Feb 2016, Vilnius):

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2013-2017 : Bachelor's, In Modern Technology Physics | Vilnius University, Vilnius.

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