is back up and running!

After four whole months I managed to find the time to get my page back-up. I moved to a different city and the internet provider here does not allow self hosting, because all clients are behind a NAT on a service provider level.

So I decided to fallback to the old way of hosting my static website - GitHub pages.

This time I tried out few new things GitHub actions. Which is actually was a very pleasant experience from development perspective. The CI builds are fast and the GitHub actions configuration is quite similar to Ansible's.

Additionally I changed where I keep my blog's source code, I moved into a private repository, and with the help of GitHub actions I deploy the compiled static webpage using ghpages protocol (via SSH). So only contains build files, that are then served to you, the reader. Now every time I do a commit to my new private blog repository and push-it to GitHub it will automatically build this website, run some tests currently (htmltest) and deploy it.

The takeaway is that GitHub actions rock for deployments. I plan on adding Playwright based e2e tests for my static pages (mostly for learning purposes).