Install Node on Pop!_OS

I am a the stage with this blog where I want to write some Playwright tests to verify that after publishing it is in a good shape. Since my development machine runs Pop!_OS I could not use apt to easily install latest NodeJS LTS version. The Node version distributed with my distro was v12.18 (very old).

I have tried using nodesource, but it failed due to dependency clash with some other package.

The Solution was Fast Node Manager (FNM)

Install fnm CLI tool:

curl -fsSL | bash
source ~/.bashrc  # or re-open a new terminal tab if using other shells

List available node versions:

fnm list-remote

Versions in parentheses indicate that it is Long-Term Support (LTS) e.g. v18.15.0 is LTS because it contains: (Hydrogen)

Install Node package (I chose v18.15):

fnm install v18.15.0
fnm use v18.15.0

node --version
npm --version